You’re Moving – Tips to Ensure a Smooth Move!

Summertime is here! For many, it’s a common season to pack up and move into their new apartment or house. This can come with a lot of stress. Did you pack everything, is everyone notified about your move, did you schedule the movers? Here are four useful tips to remember when you are moving this summer!

Update Your Contact Information

There are many organizations that will need to know your new address and it’s important to update the different places your address is registered at. In most cases, you can submit an easy change of address online, which makes it quick and easy to cross off your list. Have you not been that organized? Here are some of the places you should remember to contact:

·      Your bank

·      The DMV

·      Your employer

·      Your insurance company

·      Children’s schools

·      Any websites that fill out your address with one click (such as Amazon)

Pack Your Boxes Efficiently

Packing is always a big hassle. It’s easy to lose your stuff in the business of moving. It is important to be in line with the movers, your friends, and your family who help you pack. Label your boxes clearly with the room they need to go to. To make it even easier for everyone helping you, you can print your new home’s layout with the coinciding room names so that people can easily find where things need to go. This saves time, money and will help you significantly when unpacking! Need more tips on how to pack? Find them here!

Introduce Yourself to Your Neighbors

You can make a great impression to your new neighbors before even moving into your new home. They are probably just as anxious to know who is moving in. Send them a postcard introducing yourself and expressing your excitement to get to know them. Making that great first impression will help create a feeling of community in your new neighborhood.

Don’t Forget to Update Your Friends With Your New Address!

Using these fun “we’re moving” address labels will both notify friends and family that you moved as well as what your new address will be. Make sure they’ve got your updated address to ensure you receive their annual holiday card! One last thing – Remember to update your address stamps to reflect your new address.

Make Moving Simple with Current Labels

If you happen to be moving this summer, we hope these tips ensure a smooth moving process. We at Current Labels are committed to creating high-quality products at an affordable price. Visit our website, peruse our products, and find the perfect customized address label to display your new address and get the word out about your move. 

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