Introducing a Baby Sprinkle!

A baby sprinkle is a fun, casual way to celebrate the birth of a new baby after the first. Instead of an extravagant event where a first-time mom is showered with gifts and a lavish party, it’s a modest gathering where the mom can get the basics.

Time It Right

While a baby shower could last an entire afternoon, a typical baby sprinkle only lasts around two hours. The gathering is usually quite smaller and more causal than your usual shower, so keep it to a long lunch or early afternoon get-together.

Who To Invite

A baby sprinkle is more about support and advice, so keep it more intimate with family and friends. Rather than a shower where you invite your coworkers, neighbors and cousins, find out from the mom-to-be who she’s closest to. You can even make it coed, inviting dad and other male relatives and friends. Make sure you send out fun invitations for the sprinkle by using Current Label’s Dots of Color Designer Rolled Address Labels.

Don’t Forget The Siblings

A new baby is always exciting, but don’t forget about the siblings who may be feeling left out during this busy time. Giving the big brother or sister a special job, like handing out party favors or helping to open gifts, will help them feel more included. You can also offer the sibling a small gift to let them know you are always thinking about them as well!

Gift Ideas

Think about what supplies the new mom is going to need to stock up on. She probably received the big ticket items like a stroller and crib during the first shower, but a sprinkle is to receive basics such as diapers, wipes, toiletries, etc. Also, if the baby is a different gender than the previous child, baby clothes are a great gift idea.

Make Your Baby Sprinkle Sparkle With Current Labels

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