School’s Out: 5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Organized and Occupied This Summer

It’s just about summertime! This means no school for your kids, and hopefully a vacation for you or the whole family! But unless you’re sending your children off to a summer camp or turning July through August into one huge road trip, they’ll have a lot more time on their hands than they’re used to having. What’s a parent to do?

To start, consider utilizing some cute Post-it notes to create a visual daily or weekly schedule for your kids during the summer. This can lend some structure to their time off in case they need a little guidance! And if you’re having trouble thinking of activities to fill it with, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips and activities that can make the break from school fun while keeping kids organized during the summer.

Work on Penmanship

For younger kids who are still learning their letters, penmanship practice is a great way to reinforce what they’ve learned during the school year. Pick up a bunch of pens or cute pencils—writing utensils tend to get misplaced quickly, so it never hurts to have a few extra.

Normal handwriting practice can start to feel too much like homework, so switch things up a bit by finding some lined paper and challenging your kids to a handwriting game. This is a great way for them to have fun competing against each other or you while practicing their writing skills.  

Write Letters

Put that lovely handwriting to good use and encourage your kids to write a letter (or several) this summer! Ask them who they’d like to send a sweet message to—it could be a grandparent, a friend who’s gone away on vacation or to summer camp, or even a celebrity or athlete they admire. If they’re at a loss, you can look into pen pal programs to get them started.

This is a fantastic opportunity to teach your kids how to address and send a letter. Make the process more engaging by having them help you choose a return address label. At Artistic Direct, we offer hundreds of beautiful designs, so something is sure to catch their eye, whether it’s a shiny gold foil design or a cheery floral pattern.

Send Care Packages

Share the magic of giving with your children by making and sending a care package together. Maybe they have a relative living across the country or an older sibling away at a summer program. Get together and make a list of some small treats that a person might enjoy, like non-perishable snacks, a new book, or a funky pair of sunglasses. Go on a shopping outing to gather everything, then package it all up and send it off!

Putting together a care package can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. This is a great way to bring in some fun summer crafts for kids. Maybe your children have learned a new craft like braiding friendship bracelets, and they want to make something for their friend or relative. Or perhaps the in-depth part is the packaging. Have your kiddos pick out some nice wrapping paper or tissue paper, decorate the box, write a handwritten note, and pick out a sophisticated shipping label to complete the box.

Plan a Party

If it’s your turn to host the annual 4th of July party, get your kiddos in on the fun by asking them to help you plan! Not only will this keep them engaged, occupied, and feeling pretty grown-up, but you’ll also be able to delegate some simple tasks to them, such as addressing envelopes.

Let them help you pick out some patriotic 4th of July address labels or elegant stationery to make the invitations feel official. Engage older children by having them compose and write out the invitations themselves, and then ask them to help you decorate your backyard or even space on the day of the party.    

Build a Personal Library

The learning doesn’t have to stop once school is out. If your child is a reader, take some time to encourage and cultivate that love of literature. Make a trip to your local bookstore so he or she can pick out a new novel, and then personalize it with a customized bookplate label! This will give kids a feeling of ownership while reinforcing a respect for property—and who doesn’t love seeing their name on something?

For budding writers, pick a fun craft project that allows them to create their notebooks to sit on a shelf alongside their books. Affix a bookplate label to the inside cover to make their work feel professional and better the chances of the notebook making its way home should your child misplace it.

Make Your Summer Special with Current Labels

To us, stationery and other printed goods are more than just sticky strips and pieces of paper. Correspondence has always been a way to bring people together, whether those people are neighbors or pen pals writing to each other from across the world. We’re proud to offer hundreds of gorgeous designs and high-quality products that can give your letters and stationery that extra bit of pizzazz or professionalism. Shop around for that perfect design or contact us today—we’re always happy to answer any questions!

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