Back to School! How is this day celebrated around the world?

Summer is starting to reach its end, which means we are looking ahead to a new school year again. For many young kids (and parents!) this time of year can cause a lot of stress. Did you buy everything? Will the children like their classmates? Has childcare been arranged? Do we have all the right props for the perfect “first day of the year-” photo? Not every country celebrates the first day the way we do in the United States, so what do they do instead?


German kids are looking forward to the first day of school for weeks. They have the very exciting tradition of bringing a Schultüte, a big paper cone, filled with all the goodies kids could use. Commonly it contains school supplies, candies, and small toys. Parents either make and fill the cone themselves or buy a filled one from the stores. One thing is certain, it makes the first day of school a blast for sure!


Unlike the United States, Japan starts their school year in April, around the time the Sakura, or cherry blossom, is most beautiful. New students are welcomed through a welcoming ceremony in which they are taken under the wings by older students who bring them to their new classrooms. On the first day, it is a tradition for the new students to do origami, a nice and fun way to ease into the new year.


Dutch children are among the happiest children in the world. Why you ask? It must be the chocolate sprinkle breakfast, and the bike rides they take to school. On the first day of school, many Dutch parents will load their kids up in the cargo bike and bike them to school. Many kids are looking forward to the first day of school as every morning is a small celebration.

Tips to Prepare the Kids in Your Life for Their First Day of School

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