Get Your Holiday Spirit on With These Easy Christmas in July Tips!

Now that we have past the midpoint of the year, people in the Northern hemisphere are shifting their excitement from looking forward to the warm weather to getting ready for Christmas lights, and Holiday music. To really get into the Christmas spirit this July, we’ve compiled several activities you can do to get excited for the second Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Visit America’s Top Christmas Themed Destinations

Throughout the country, there are great places to get your Christmas spirit on. From the Christmas in July festival in California, to the world’s largest Christmas store in Wisconsin, and from the North Pole in Alaska, to the Christmas market in North Carolina, there are many destinations to consider. Whether you want to stay close to home or go and partake in other Christmas activities, there are exciting events for everyone!

Get Your Christmas Cards Prepared

Whether you are the type of person who is always looking for an excuse to send cards to your loved ones or find yourself sending them at the last minute each year, Christmas in July is a great excuse to bring a little happiness in your friends and family’s lives. Here are some ideas to get your cards Christmas ready:

  • Set aside time with a family photographer and send your lovely family photos to your friends and family.
  • Go an extra mile this year by getting personalized Winter Themed Address Labels. Prefer something more Christmas-like? How about these fun labels in the traditional red and green Holiday colors?
  • Don’t like the hassle of stickers but also don’t want to write the return address on each envelope? We have exciting red, green, black and blue colored Christmas Address Stamps featuring a little snowflake and your name and address. This is a creative way to get kids involved in the preparation process too!

Give Your Loved Ones Christmas Gifts

There is nothing as exciting than seeing your children, friends, and family open up the presents you picked out for them during the holidays. So why limit that to December only? Get your stockings out and fill them with presents for the people closest to you. Small and meaningful items are the perfect way to bring holiday cheer, without breaking the bank. Do you know someone who is getting married or moving soon? Give them the gift of Personalized address stickers, as a fun and practical gift that they can use throughout the year.

Looking for a Christmas in July gift for your pet? Consider these cute Pet Tags which you can engrave with their name and your contact information. A beautiful gift for them, a practical gift for yourself!

Get Your Holiday Decorations Out

No matter if you live in the North or South, getting your Christmas decorations out early can give you that cozy Christmas feeling, even when it is 90 degrees out. String some lights around your house or on your ceiling, decorate a tree or your favorite plant, or play some Holiday music to get you in the mood. Make a cup of hot chocolate with some fluffy whip cream and cozy up with family. Christmas in July will just be as exciting as Christmas in December with these great Christmas recommendations.

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