Clever Uses for an Address Label

Get Creative with Your Labels

Personalized address labels are convenient to have on hand, especially when sending out a large amount of mail at once. However, address labels serve many purposes. Get creative and check out these innovative ways to use yours.

Children’s Belongings

There’s nothing more likely to get lost than something belonging to a child. Kids love to put their names on everything, so give them their own set of address labels to put on their backpacks, artwork, notebooks or anything else they choose.

Direct Marketing Products

If you are an independent beauty consultant, with companies such as Mary Kay or Lipsense, you can use address labels on your products to provide your customers your name and number so they can easily reorder. This is a convenient and simple way to keep your business running smoothly.

Gift Tags

Using an address label as a gift tag will allow the recipient to quickly identify who the gift is from. Also, having your address already accessible will make it easy for them to send a thank-you note.

Create your own gift tag by attaching an address label to one side of a small piece of decorated cardstock and include who the gift is going to on the other. Punch a small hole in the corner of the cardstock and tie the gift tag onto the gift with a bow or ribbon.


Use your address labels to save yourself time when filling out forms that require your full name and address. This is a smart way to add time back in your busy day.

Travel/Luggage Tags

Use address labels to tag your luggage and any other important items you travel with, such as your laptop or backpack. If you leave any of these items behind and it lands into the hands of an honest person, they will easily be able to return it to you. This is an inexpensive and effective way of making sure your lost items find their way home.

Something Borrowed

What better way to make sure you get your item returned to you than to have your name, number and address on it. Put your address label on anything you lend out to make sure the borrower remembers who it actually belongs to.

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