Top Dogs on National Dog Day

Whether you have a dog, desire to have a dog one day or just plain love animals, we can all agree that dogs are the most loving and loyal pets to have. That’s why we celebrate their existence with a day specially dedicated to them. National Dog Day (August 26th) is your chance to brighten up a dog’s day with their favorite treats, long walks, and special gifts such as this cute personalized dog tag. Start the day off right with some of these adorable dog videos. Get ready to laugh and adore these sweet and silly puppies!

  1. The Adventures of Oakley – Ever seen a super cute Dachshund going to school? This adorable little fellow shows us all the struggles we humans face going to school. It will most definitely put a smile on your face. If you can’t get enough of Oakley, you can watch him go to the dentist and see him break out of prison.
  2. Golden Retriever Videos– Goldies are quite possibly the cutest dogs out there. Their gentle spirit and adorable faces will make your heart melt. Get ready for an explosion of cuteness.
  3. Puppy Videos– Are you not a big dog person? These tiny puppies may change your mind. Whether they are trying to chase a ball or are half asleep, it’s a lot of cuteness all packed in one video.
  4. Instafamous Dogs– Looking through your Instagram feed will be much more enjoyable when you see the cutest dogs pop up all the time. Looking for more accounts to follow? Check out this list! Whether your heart melts from dressed up pups or a specific breed, there is an account to follow for everyone.
  5. Silly Dog Videos– Lastly, dogs will cheer you up whether you are a dog person or not. Their silliness and excitement goes beyond anything humanly possible. These videos will make you laugh out loud!

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