4 Ways to Make Your Baby Shower Special

Considering all the work and planning that come with the bundle of joy you’re about to bring into the world, baby shower preparation is probably one of the last things on your mind. Maybe a close friend or family member has the whole event mapped out already, or perhaps you just want to spend a quiet night with a few of your best friends. There’s no wrong way to throw a baby shower; what matters is your happiness and celebrating the baby on the way!

No matter your vision for your shower, we can help. At Current Labels, we’re passionate about making moments like this special by providing the little details that are all too easily overlooked. Here are a few small ways to ensure your baby shower is one to remember. 

Communicate with Your Planner

Take a step back from the quick pace of life, and touch base with the person planning your baby shower. Communication is the key to making this event a success. After all, she may be your sister or best friend, but she can’t read your mind! How could she possibly know that you would have preferred a chocolate fountain to a fondue station? Fill her in on your vision, so that she can be sure to plan something that you’ll love.

If you’re skipping the anxiety of leaving your baby shower in someone else’s hands by planning the whole party yourself, don’t breathe easy just yet; communication is still important here, even if only with yourself. It can be easy to get swept away planning for your guests, rather than for yourself. When putting your baby shower together, make sure you choose a theme, decorations, food, and other features that you’ll enjoy. Keep your guests’ needs in mind, but don’t let their desires override your own.    

Get Crafty with Guests

Maybe you’re not the sundress-wearing, tea-party-on-the-lawn type of expecting mother, and that’s completely fine. Baby showers don’t have to be idyllic, lacy affairs; they are what you make them. Feel free to get your guests engaged with an easy craft project that will have everyone laughing and getting creative. A headband-making table or onesie decorating hour are perfect activities that will keep your friends and family entertained. The best part? You’ll be left with an assortment of lovingly-customized items. Just think of how your aunt will feel when she sees your new baby sporting the striped onesie she decorated herself!

Making crafts at your baby shower can also alleviate stress for guests who can’t afford to bring a gift. If you worry about guests struggling to purchase something off of your baby registry, or you’re doing away with the registry altogether, consider noting in your shower invite that people are welcome to create their gifts at the event.

Use Personalized Stationery and Address Labels

Instead of settling for unattractive baby shower invitations or emailed invites, make your correspondence more personal with customized stationery and address labels. These unique touches will give your baby shower invitations that little something extra to truly convey the joy of this event. To subtly tie the outside of your envelope in with the theme of your invitations, opt for some adorable baby boy or baby girl address labels.

You might also consider penning your invites on some beautiful personalized stationery. If your baby shower has a theme, choose a design that fits with it in order to give the entire event a more cohesive feel. That could mean going with a location-specific design like our Picturesque Lighthouse, or a seasonal riot of color like Garden Blooms. But don’t forget—nothing is set in stone, and you can always make changes to the theme or details of your shower after invitations go out, so long as you let your guests know.

Provide Unique Thank-You Gifts

Whether you’re putting together some sophisticated party favors or sending out sweet little gifts alongside your thank-you notes, go the extra mile to let your guests know that you so appreciated them attending. If you have the time and energy to bake, consider whipping up a homemade treat to send home with them. A simple mason jar and a customized kitchen label are all you need to make your creations both heartfelt and chic! 

If you lack skill in the kitchen, don’t worry—you can still present your guests with a small token of appreciation. That could be anything from personalized post-it notes to a photo of your newborn baby. The sky really is the limit here!

Make Every Day Special with Current Labels

We’re here to handle all of your personalized stationery and labeling needs by providing that little something extra to brighten things up. Whether you want a handsome address change postcard or the most festive Christmas address labels you’ve ever seen, we have a design to make your correspondence stand out. Feel free to contact us today with any questions regarding our products; our caring staff is eager to assist! 

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