Declutter Your Home Office

Spring is here and it is time to get spring cleaning! What other place gets more cluttered than your home office? Piles of papers that are not organized correctly, miscellaneous pens, and Post-it notes in random spots is the definition of a cluttered office. When you have a clean workspace, you can become much more productive and finish tasks efficiently. Now let’s tackle this spring with a fresh new office space!

Declutter your desk

What better way to clean your home office space than cleaning the spot that you spend most time on- Perhaps that would be your desk? Now let’s take a look at it, what do you really need? Your computer, notepad, pen, and other necessities that are crucial for your work station. Begin by finding the items that need to be on your desk at all times and find a new spot for all of your unnecessary desk knickknacks. If certain items bring you joy or if there is a purpose, keep it! For example, keeping a small plant on your desk can really bring your office space to life!

Organize your files

Papers on papers on papers is not a look! Do you often times find yourself scrambling for that one paper that you need and wasting time trying find it? That’s a sign that it’s time to organize your files so you can be more efficient with your time. Start by allocating a new home for your files by purchasing a file cabinet or some type of storage bin. How are you going to know which folder has which paper in it? Organize with colors or with labels! For example, one folder in red for your career and another in blue for taxes, this will for sure make it easy to find what you need quickly. Want to take your folders up a notch? Use the Dots of Color Designer Rolled Address Labels to add your personal touch to highlight your business!

Freshen it up

Is it time to update your outdated business cards on your desk? Or maybe it’s time to create your very first business card. Multicolored Graphic Dots Single-Sided Calling Cards will be your best bet- and will even match the address labels on your folders perfectly! Matching cards and address labels will freshen up your business and give your desk a unique look like no other. Another way you can personalize your desk is with the Solid White Classic 4×6 Personalized Post-It Notes. These personalized Post-it notes will be the perfect way to personalize your boring notes and give a name to who the owner is.

Save your time!

Having a tidied up desk with style is nice and all – but even better, having supplies that will cut your time in half. Writing out your address on envelopes can be a pain in the- especially when you have multiple envelopes that need to be sent out. The Basic Self-Inking Address Stamp will be your life saver! No more hand cramping and time wasted, this stamp will save your time and your hands. Let’s save even more time by organizing that cluttered drawer under your desk. Have you been searching for that one certain pen somewhere in your drawer? Go to your local container store to find a slim desk organizer that will fit swimmingly in your desk. Now isn’t that nice? You can finally find that pen you were in desperate search of.

Make your cluttered office less cluttered with Current Labels

Cleaning up your office space for this spring will leave you feeling – oh so great if you do it with Current Labels. Don’t keep pushing it back on your to-do list and get started now! Visit our website to find personalized stationary and address labels to achieve the perfect office your heart desires.

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