Tips for Using Business Cards Effectively

Business cards can be a cause for major headaches in a business and personal environment. Your personal or business calling cards are an extension of your identity and not following some basic card etiquette could cause you to lose out on amazing opportunities. Here are 5 things to consider when it comes to business cards.

  1. Don’t forget your business cards at home or in the office. There’s nothing worse than meeting a person who is interesting, has connections, or can help you get a job but you don’t have your business cards with you. Whether you go out for a conference, a work meeting or to a social event, always bring your business cards along.
  2. This brings us to our next point, always reorder business cards before running out of them. There is nothing more awkward than being asked for a business card, but having to apologize for not having them available.
  3. Make a great impression by storing your business card in a fun case. Set a conversation to your hand by making a great impression with a unique business card holder. An engraved business card holder will most definitely be something to catch someone’s eye in a conversation. If you are looking for something to store your business cards on your desk, consider some options that represent your vocation, such as these fun chiropractor card holders or these Realtor card holders. These holders will also help your cards stay neat and organized.
  4. Understand the act of giving out business cards in different countries. Did you know that in Japan, it is impolite to pass over your card with one hand? In India you might want to avoid accepting or giving business cards with your left hand as it is considered unclean.
  5. Wait to write on a business card until your conversation is over. It can be considered impolite to start making notes on someone’s business cards when they are in front of you.

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